God and Guru at work in Japan


How often people become tearful when they come to Satori Nagomi Healing Centre in Japan, be it at Satsanga, yoga classes, or Meditation classes etc. Some people do not know what is happening to them - they are being deeply touched by God and Guru. It is a wonder to behold how readily God and Guru helps us open our hearts. God and Guru’s Love and Light knows no boundaries and is surely spreading here in Japan too! I cannot really say “God and Guru through me”, it is more like I need to be mindful not to get in the way of God working directly with people.




Many people stare at Mata Yoganandaji’s photo while they are in a counselling session. They do not ask who the photo is, in fact they do not seem to be aware that they are staring at it. But something is happening within them.




After an appointment, a woman asked to listen to “Vibrations of Love” CD. I set her up with a CD player and a cup of tea, and left her alone. When I checked on her later, she was in tears and happily singing along with the CD like a little child. Guru’s Love has no language barrier!




One day all the regular yoga students were absent, and I was about to cancel the class. Then a woman, who does not normally come to yoga, turned up. Half way through the class, she said “I cannot take my eyes off that picture on the wall. Who is it?” I briefly told her about Mata Yoganandaji and Pure Meditation. She said “I am curious about Meditation, but some people seem to be avoiding life by meditating. I would rather stand firm on my feet and face life, instead of using spirituality as an excuse.” I said to her that Pure Meditation helps us face life and live more fully. I felt not to say much during the relaxation at the end of the yoga class, and left her in silence. When the class finished, she exclaimed “it was amazing, beautiful light was shining and pouring on to me the whole time!” Later she inquired about the Pure Meditative Peace class.




The ultimate is when students recognize and acknowledge Mata Yoganandaji as their Guru during the Pure Meditation Course. They transform – eyes full of light, face beaming, heart full of love. What a Joy! 




When people come to our Centre, they often say “the air is pure here” or “the energy is clean”. A retreat guest once told me that after she went home, she cleaned and tidied up her house to be like our Centre. Then she realized it was more than the cleanness, Satori Nagomi Healing Centre is filled with special energy. Of course, it is blessed by God and Guru to help, heal and uplift people!




Mata Yoganandaji asked me one day “do you truly believe God and Guru look after you?” I could not say YES at that time. But now I am realizing more and more how much we are looked after, so perfectly so truly in every way. Whatever is lacking or needed, God and Guru helps us.


Although we have been trying to promote our Centre in Japan, I felt it was not enough. One day a lady from the local Tourism Association contacted us to ask if they can advertise our yoga and meditation classes on their official website. Yes please! We have received quite a few referrals from them. So, I invited the chairman of the Tourism Association for a cup of tea to thank him. As we talked in our beautiful garden, he became very much interested in what our Centre offers. About a month later, I stopped by the Tourism office, and the chairman showed me a brochure full of our programs, including the “Stress and Balance workshop” for business trainings. A few weeks later, they asked if the chairman could take Pure Meditative Peace, write an article, and send it through SNS to their members. Yes please! God and Guru knows PR, especially SNS, is not my forte!




It has been almost 5 years since we moved to Japan. Initially I wanted to take the Japan Centre forward much quicker, and I used to feel frustrated trying to push it. But I have probably changed a lot after living overseas for 26 years and meditating for many years. There are many things I needed to relearn about Japan – how to behave, how to talk, how to dress, how spirituality is seen here, how people are like, and so on. And by living life – experiencing, exploring, trying out, making mistakes – we learn and progress. All has been happening slowly and surely in God’s time.


Japanese people generally tend to be reserved. Many people have said “I had your brochure for a long time, and always wanted to come here”, or “I had your yoga leaflet on my desk for a year, and hoped one day I would participate.”




Two years ago, I was inspired to give a free talk on “Stress & Balance” at our local library. It was an interesting process of dealing with the fear and doubt within me. I made leaflets and did a lot of PR in our area. 12 people came to the talk, and it went well. But I was a bit disappointed, considering how much effort I had put into advertising. I wished more people would have come.


A couple of month later, a nurse contacted me to ask if I would give the same talk to mothers with heavily disabled children at a pediatric clinic in Tokyo. Yes please! The nurse organized it all, with two small groups of mothers. The talk went really well, and I was paid, which I donated to a children’s camp funded by the clinic.


A few months later, one of the mothers who attended my talk at the clinic contacted me, saying she is the chairman for the Tokyo PTA of special needs schools for disabled children. She loved my talk and asked if I would give a talk at their annual conference the following year at the university auditorium. Yes please!!


Schools and educational systems in Japan are quite traditional, and talks are usually very formal, often given by university professors. I knew my talk would go well because God and Guru would be speaking through me. Everything was organized perfectly by the Committee members. But I had to prepare the mortal physical side – haircut, fresh cheerful outfit, and makeup – so that this vessel of God presented well. All the Committee members were wearing black suits. Before the talk, a feeling came to me “let’s enjoy it, and go bold!” Although a huge hurricane was expected to hit Tokyo the following day, 200 mothers came to the talk. I started the talk with a moment of silence and prayer, which was totally unconventional and probably unheard of at a PTA conference. Then I talked on stress, and taught limbering and gentle yoga, Changing Breath, Covering Over, how to find balance, and Peace Breath. We all cheerfully sang “I Am Love” - the auditorium was filled with Love and Peace. We ended the talk with a prayer while everyone held hands.


Although I did not ask for money, I was paid very well, along with a bouquet of flowers and a box of sweets made by disabled persons. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the talk - down to earth, simple, and fun with practical techniques. One of the mothers said she was surprised when she felt Peace flowing through her during the Peace Breath practice. Another mother said she became tearful while she sang. Many of them said the talk deeply resonated with them. They felt inspired and empowered, knowing they now have the techniques to use in everyday life.


Moreover, the Committee members later transcribed my talk (the specifics of Changing Breath and Covering Over were omitted) and made it into a booklet, which will be distributed to all the families with disabled children in Tokyo. So, thousands of mothers and fathers will benefit from it and realize we have LOVE and PEACE within us. We just need to find a way to connect with it.




Many ideas and inspirations for the future are coming to me, and I am learning to do it surely one step at a time in God’s time.


My mother took the Pure Meditation Course (with Japanese translation by me) in the UK a few years ago. She recently said to me “You have a mission in Japan, and it just started!”


Yes indeed. Working as One in the Light for God.


article from "SevaLight Magazine 2020"




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